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    更新:2022-03-26 11:05:15??????點擊:
    • 品牌:???康通
    • 型號:???KT-TPMS02-L
    • 市場價:??? 元
    • 優惠價:??? 元 (已有 0 人購買)
    • 在線訂購

    1-1, Colourful display design;
    1-2, wireless comminucation with sensors;
    1-3, Without any limitation of sensor programming;
    1-4,  Available for different hard enviroment. Such as high speed, High and low temperature, Humidity, acid and alkali, and salt fog ect
    1-5, Solar panel for battery charging;
    1-6, Customization incuded original car maker transmittion ( CAN protocol).
    2, Parameters
    Display parameter
    Display size  3 inch RX sensitive <105 dbm
    Display Colourful Operation temperature -25°C~+85°C
    Waterproof level None Standby current <70uA
    Display Battery 800mAh/3.0V with thermostability battery and solar & USB charging  Working current <5mA
    Display working voltage 2.6V - 3.6V Pressure unit Bar/Psi
    Installation 3M stick Pressure measurement accuracy 0.1Bar/Psi
    Warning for leakage  sound & flash on display Sensor size 99x69x29mm
    Sensor parameter
    Sensor name Inner tire pressure monitor KT201 Sensor rate ≤5dBm
    Sensor chips Senasic Warning for low power  <2.1V
    Waterproof level IP67 Operation temperature -40°C~+85°C
    Monitor Pressure & temperature measuring and monitor; Leakage monitor TX Power <5dbm
    Sensor battery 3.0V Maxell2032 with thermostability battery without replaceable Hi-TX Power <8dbm (50Ω)
    Battery life over 3 years Low-RX Power 125KHz±5KHz
    Working voltage 2.1V-3.5V Low-RX modulation ASK
    Sensor current Standard by: ≤0.3uA
    Transient: ≤10mA
    Hi-modulation FSK
    Pressure range 0-8 Bar/ 0-116 PSI Pressure unit Bar/Psi
    Pressure measurement accuracy 0.1Bar/Psi Weight 31 ±1g
    Sensor frenquency FSK433.92MHz Sensor size 74x57x19mm
    3, Product photos:
    Item Part Name Description Quantity Remark
    1 Display Colourful with high resolution LCD 1 standard
    2 Sensor inner installation 4 standard
    3 Charging cable USB standard connect 1 standard
    4 3M stick 1 standard
    5 Warning label Waring label stick on air cock of tyre 4 standard or customization
    6 Manual Installation manual 1 standard or customization
    4, Competitive advantage:
    4.1, High quality control based on IATF16949 system;
    4.2, 100% function testing before shipping, 
    4.3, 100% aging testing for 4 hours;
    4.4, 100% waterproof testing based IP68/1meter water pressure;
    4.5, 100% thermostability battery for both display and sensors;
    4.6, ERP system for material controlling;
    4.7, Solar panel for display charging;
    4.8, Sensor lab for best quality;
    4.9, Capability for completed product included ID, MD, hardware and software for  Can protocol.
    Kangtong has been building Lab to verify our developing and offer high quality ultrasonic product to our customers. Kangtong had passed auditing for IATF16949 by German Dekra in 2018 and we are remaining on the quality process For production running.
    Kangtong committed on quality and capability improvement in sensor industry that utilized auto-equipment to achieve 20K/daily capacity based on 4 production line with 82 professional workers.