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    QINGDAO SHENGDE NEW MATERIAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is located in Qingdao city Li Cang, in 2005 passed the ISO9002 quality system certification, and adopted the company SGS and PONY RoHS testing. The main products are graphite conductive coating (colloidal graphite), tube graphite, conductive ink, drawing graphite, graphite powder, graphite products, high-energy battery coatings, etc. ompany, the company has a capable of long engaged in graphite production, scientific research and technical staff, strong technical force. With advanced production technology and strong production capacity...

    • Supply of conductive graphite for laminated capacitors


      SD-726 is a conductive graphite emulsion with high-purity and ultra-fine natural flake graphite as a conductive medium. It is also called conductive carbon paste. It is designed according to the process characteristics of laminated capacitors using our unique processing technology. SD-726 uses water…

    • Graphite conductive coating


      The use of graphite microparticles prepared by special processing technology, good dispersion state, excellent electrical conductivity, used in the fields of foamed nickel, foamed copper, etc., is also an ideal conductive medium for tantalum capacitors.

    • Supply electromagnetic shielding graphite conductive coating


      The environmentally-friendly water-based graphite electromagnetic shielding coating made of ultra-fine graphite has good electrical conductivity, dense coating film and good adhesion, and can have a good electromagnetic

    • Supply of graphite conductive coating for super capacitor


      D-72F is a water-based and environment-friendly graphite conductive coating. It is a graphite conductive coating for supercapacitor current collectors. It has ultra-low resistance, excellent adhesion, long-term immersion resistance and environmental friendliness.

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